Ask Naran Archive II



  • saritha (2 years)

    Hi Naran garu,

    I have found ‘chant WATERVIOLET LARCH GENTIAN WILDROSE’ while I am looking into your BLOG. Shall I chant this to get my H1B Visa.

    The story is:
    I have failed H1B visa in March, 2014 from a MAX consultancy but it was done till now.
    Consultant says, “we have submitted your petition but till now we didn’t get your copy from your employer”. Right now I am on dependent visa in USA.


  • reena (2 years)

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you. I chanted as u advised n closed on job offer . I will be joining on 6th. I am content with the offer. All my previous 6 jobs in my 9 year tenure have ended abruptly n bitterly. I am restarting on ground zero , with zero balance ,few lliabilities n have to rebuild my life as single parent with no support for my 6 yr old kid. Please suggest so I have stability in my job n life n it is benifical for my son n me.
    With utmost gratitude,

  • SNM (2 years)

    Pranam Dear Sir
    Sir this is my false ID i do not want anybody to know my real Id.hence please excuse me.Sir after my husband retired from his job we came back to india.Now we are me and my husband wants to do our house good .But since i have some health issue my husband does not allow me to work by myself.lot of work to do to organise our home.To make Place Like HEAVEN ON EARTH with both mutual understanding.
    Please guide me to have positive attitude towards my husband and for my husband to have kind ears to see my point of views.TO GET HELP FROM OUTSIDE TOO.
    Total outcome whichever we make decision should be good in every way.Any bach flower ENGLISH switchwords to make our house a good example of LOVE UNDERSTANDING AND HEAVEN LIKE ATMOSPHERE.

  • maa (2 years)

    Namaskar Naran ji, I have requested few times before that my daughter is in love with a non Indian boy and we do not want her to marry this boy. could you please send me some mantra that she should forget about this guy. Dhanyawad

  • Micheal Ibadin (2 years)

    I’m Doctor Micheal Ibadin,I am the representative doctor of University of Benin Teaching Hospital(UBTH),I have been given the opportunity by the hospital management to advertise on the internet how we operate,we are specialist in organ surgery and transplantation of human organs, we also deal in the buying and selling of human organs like kidney and liver,if you are interested to sell your kidney to us,you are advice to get back to us with the email below so that we can proceed further.
    We are located in NIGERIA,Edo State,you can check on the internet about our hospital for more information.
    Please get back to us with the below email:

  • Amulu (2 years)

    Dear Sir,

    I am working in aboard for past ten years.
    for past 3 years my boss stop giving increment. my
    boss become rude to me. please help with the mantras
    so that my boss gives increment automatically, because
    i dont want to ask.

    please tell me some mantras to get some extra money
    automatically from others without asking as my husband
    job is not good and his salary also.

    Thanks in advance sir.

  • Amulu (2 years)

    Dear Naran Sir,

    I started seeing your website from March last week. i send the
    message through facebook also. As i mentioned in the facebook i am working
    in aboard in the same company for past 13 years. till now my boss was ok with
    me. but nowadays he is very rude to me and stop giving increment for me. please
    advice what is the switchword or mantras. please help me how to chant, what is the
    procedure [u mentioned sometimes u have to keepwater and chant] like that any
    conditions please advice and sir, very badly i need of money what is the switchword
    or any mantras please.

  • sangita (2 years)

    My brother did not talk to me since 4 years, He never listen to parents, he have not completed his Graduation and nor does he work where we suggest him.Please suggest something which I can do for him to make his behaviour good and settle his carrier.

    He is very angry in nature.

  • anusuyaarunprasad (2 years)

    Dear Guruji,

    iam planning for a family for the past ten years.not getting has recommended for embryo transfer.since both has problems.endometric study starts from next week for two months.after two months embryo transfer.kindly suggest mantras to get successful and give birth to a healthy and beautiful baby.


  • nupur (2 years)

    I love a guy n want to marry him. he is my boss n he too loved me. v were physically involved with eachother. for one month he was out of town and on his return i came to know from my office colleagues dat he has got married. Now he is ignoring me n treating me like a trash. Sir i m willing to forgive him n want to marry him. please help me to make this possible.

  • KG (2 years)

    Pranama Naran Sir.
    For many years my paternal uncle used to live with us. My mother has looked after him like her own child. But he has betrayed us. He had taken loan from many people in the name of my father. My father had taken financial assistance from a person for buying a house. After which he repayed all the money to that person. He also issued a check for paying the interest amount. But my uncle has already taken money from the account because of which check got bounced n my father had to go to jail. During these times, after ensuring dat we r of no use to him now, he collected remaining money, got married & left our place and got settled at d native. My mother went under severe depression n after lot of medical help she is sumwat ok. After several years, now dat our financial & personal life is getting better, he is again planning to cum to our place n wants to settle with us with his entire family. My fear is that he will again destroy our business n this tym how will i handle my mother. V r not very rich n hav only sum saving for my marriage n i m doing a job for collecting money inorder to go for higher studies. I want dat my uncle should forever go away from our life n never disturb us. I and my family have many times tried to show my uncle’s true face to my father but he never believes us n instead fights with us n supports my uncle. Now my father is into his influence n stopped looking us n keeps fighting n beating my mother. Sir, please tell me how can i remove my uncle away from our life forever and dat how can i make my father love n respect my mother ?

    • SS (2 years)


      Naran sir don’t reply on this .
      Kindly ask your question to below link
      . Naran sir would be available on this . It’s for all who asks question on this.

    • KG (2 years)

      ok. Thanks.

  • Mrs.PS (2 years)

    Guruji nothing worked out so far. Infact i caught him red handed twice in Dec 14 n Jan 2015 while secretly chatting with ladies.Infact i caught him redhanded in Feb 15while he was watching dirty videos n forwarding to she friends. Its very painfull. He doesnt care fr me n my son.secretly still chats n makes phone calls to ladies late hours from office . Im shattered pl help

  • shakti (2 years)

    pujya naran sir,
    namaskar.i have been suffering from impatience and unstable to sit on my work place since last few days.i am feeling weak and anxious about kind enough suggest your spiritual sw or mantra/mudra remedy to become stable and to keep patience in doing my works camly.

  • Vlade (2 years)

    Dear Sir,

    What is the best Bach combination for becoming active and energetic and for achieving the goals easily? I have become very lazy and unfocused. Everything is pending in my life. Taxes for the last 3 years have not been filed. Business has not made any money in years. No income for years. No desire to work or promote the business. Applied for jobs but not getting anything. No desire to even go out. Paperwork is all lagging behind. I don’t even want to do anything. My eyes have fuzzy and I can’t even read properly even though I tried. I am Sleeping till late (until 12 in the afternoon), watching movies, overeating. Everything seems like a big effort. How to get out of this state ?

    Thank you

  • Micheal Ibadin (2 years)

    I’m Doctor Micheal Ibadin,I am the representative doctor of University of Benin Teaching Hospital(UBTH),I have been given the opportunity by the hospital management to advertise on the internet how we operate,we are specialist in organ surgery and transplantation of human organs, we also deal in the buying and selling of human organs like kidney and liver,if you are interested to sell your kidney to us,you are advice to get back to us with the email below so that we can proceed further.
    We are located in USA,MALAYSIA,INDIA and NIGERIA and our head office is located in NIGERIA.
    Please get back to us with the below email:

  • sahana (2 years)

    Dear Naran guruji,

    I am working in a software company and have always load of work with no time for personal work and I am over stressed.

    Now I am assigned 4 projects and given only one resource who does not know anything and no productivity.

    with your divine grace, I need more people to get added to these projects to help me.
    Also, these projects should be successfully executed.

    Kindly help me to get few more productive people to my projects and make my projects successful.

    Divine Thanks

  • gowthami (2 years)

    dear naran sir,
    I completed in 2011.I had goog percentage through out my academics. I am female and I ‘ve been searching for job.but I was unable to go are coming up to my hands and going away.I don’t know why all these are happening to me.people and relatives are insulting and hurting me a lot for being jobless.I am really talented.but why I am not getting job.sir,pls kindly suggest me any mantra.plsplspls sir.I ‘ve no other option other than god.

  • Dr Rex Kelvin (2 years)

    I’m Dr Rex Kelvin by name one of Irrua Specialist Hospital doctor, I have be given the opportunity by the hospital management to advertised on the internet how we work and that we have started again for the year for buying and selling of human organs e.g kidney, If you are out there interested in this offer, Please do not hesitate to contact the hospital at the below email: The irrua specialist hospital are specialist in organs Surgery and as a donor there is no risk in it,And we are located in Nigeria, USA and in Malaysia, but our head office is in Nigeria.
    And this is our email:

  • Mrs. H (2 years)

    Dear Naran Ji,

    I had written to you several months ago about us trying to recover our hard earned money (life-long savings) that we invested with this woman. A civil case is ongoing where the judge made a compromise for us and the woman agreed to pay us by the end of this month.

    As per your suggestion, I have been writing “End of the trouble of thy wandering thoughts, close of the journeying of thy pilgrim soul” 51 times daily and chanting “Sweetchestnut rockwater chestnutbud open save count divine delight” every day as much as possible.

    Everything looked very promising but it has now come to our attention that the woman is trying to avoid (or delay) paying us by resorting to other tactics. Should I still continue with your suggestions above? Please HELP!

    Thank you so much for your help and advice. It is truly appreciated.

  • mou (2 years)

    Please help me…i want to visit my parents for a week with my husband is not allowing us to go..he is also saying ill about my parent…please help..plz

  • Rakhi (2 years)

    My 4 years old daughter got operated for congenital cataract when she was 6 months old. She has very poor vision in left eye along with high squint. Here left eye moves in ward. Please suggest me some mantra to correct her quint & good eye vision with complete procedure and duration .
    I shall be very thankful to you sir.

  • Janani b (2 years)

    Namaskar guruji

    I am Janani here sir my parents doing catering business in hospital past 5 year starting it ws good after we went in loss bcoz of price increased in goods
    But also we were supplying good quantity of food .We across so many debts.Bt newly person came n giving problem to us .Now that order is going to them n they canceled us they gave 2 month notice for us to vacate plz plz I peal u I peal sir that catering order shouldn’t get canceled it should get for us only without that order we can’t survive even if can’t pay debt sir. My parents are in trouble hoping divine that order should get for my parents only thanking you sir

  • indrasaraswathi (2 years)

    Dear Guruji,

    i have injected a powerful injection to get pregnant.

    i have to wait 18 days to get positive result.

    given tablets and also taking it.

    suggest remedies / mantras to get success


  • Dr.Harry Mark (2 years)

    Dear Sir /Madam,

    Hello ,Do you want to buy or sell your kidney for money, Appolo hospital is urgently in need for O+ve and A+ve kidney donors with any passports require. If any one is willing to donate or buy please contact us through my email id_ ( )

    Dr.Harry Mark

  • SmrittiA (2 years)






















  • Rekha M (2 years)

    Sir, Please help me, i need some one to help me from my problems, from the day i got married there are problems and fights ocuured between my parents and in laws and this led to fight between me and my husband and it went to such extent that having a girl baby, he never came to c my baby and i decided to get seperated but again after many problems and difficulties faced now i am with my husband from past 9 months along with my in laws, but my in laws does not leave us to be happy and my mother in law treats me like a enemy, my husband does not understand about his parents. during my marriage my father got stoke and he is bedridden now, there is no peace and happiness in my life and my daughters life after marriage, plz we need to get seperated from my in laws or my in laws should leave us and go seperately either to leave with their elder son, this should happen in a good way. and because my in laws cannot take care of my baby, i have left my 1 yr daugther in my mothers home to take care as i am working even then my mother in law does not understand the pain of a woman who leaves her child for the sake of them. please i beg u that u can solve my difficulties in life.

  • Sangs (2 years)

    Can i use “FIND WHY” to get money back from people as well? Please do let me know.


  • clark phillips (2 years)

    Are you in debt and you want to pay off your debt? Do you want to start up a business? Do you need a new apartment where you can live comfortable and happy? Here is the chance for you to acquire what ever you need that will make you happy and comfortable. Our hospital are rendering services to purchase kidneys from individuals who want to sell their kidneys. This is to inform you that we need individuals who can help in offering their kidney to help our patience who are really in need to buy a kidney for them to survive. our branches are located in various countries such as UK, USA, Greece,UAE, India, South Africa, Nigeria e.t.c.
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    Dr. Robinson Adams

  • Amol (2 years)

    Hi sir,

    1.I lost 4 lacs rupees in business. I want to reciver it as soon as possible. Kindly suggest.
    2.I want to get a job where my abilities would be appreciated.
    3.I want to purchase abundnace cd.

  • JM (2 years)

    hi im totally new to this. Im in love with a guy for around 2 years but he is not accepting due to caste issues and his parents are strict too.. we have been physical.. now he is moving abroad .. i want him to love me and marry me once he is back.. suggest me the remedy.. thanks

  • Sm (2 years)

    Dear Sir,

    Last 12 years I am married ( love marriage) and have a child. For his job he stayed outside India since beginning. We met once or twice a year for few days within all these years. I knew about his extra marital relationships but when ever I asked he replied me that he only loves me and very soon everything will be alright. Neither he took any initiative to bring us at his place nor became a lovable father.
    4 years back with a drastic incident I took a firm decision, left India with our child and shifted to my relative’s place somewhere outside India and stopped contacting him ( though he knew very well where we are). That period of time passed like our relation was cursed, what ever we were saying / doing that was going wrong. So I thought it was better to give some time to this relation and ourselves too so that we can recall our love and feel the need for each other.
    All these years core from my heart I wished that he will realize his fault and come back to us because earlier we really loved each other. Instead of that last year I came to know that he filed divorce. Regarding the case we started to chat/ talk with each other after a long gap but the misunderstandings are still there. I tried to make him understand that for our child’s future we should start a fresh. But nothing has been changed yet.
    Now a days I feel myself so low esteem, having a very good academic background I was not able to secure a job in my field, loving and being honest to my husband I couldn’t get a happy married life.
    I couldn’t forget him, really don’t want divorce, still want that all our misunderstandings and misfortunes go away and the love, charm, care and understanding we felt or had for each other as before it will come back. Is it possible Sir?

    I was reading your blogs regarding divorce and separation but was not sure which one is applicable for me.

    I will always be thankful to you for your guidance. Please help me sir.


  • Nagarani (2 years)

    Thank you Naran Sir for the great website.

    Sir we are facing lot of hazards due to financial situation we are having around 20 lakhs of debt till date, everyday I am typing Om Gam Ganapathaye (108 times) Namaha & Lalitham Sridharam Lalitham Bhaskaram Lalitham Sudarshanam (100 to 200 times). Sir is there any other mantra or switch words that we can clear our debts without taking one more debt. Pls help us we are in deep financial problems.

    My husband is drinking daily, he will never stop but from past six months he is working hard (he is into marketing).. he is getting orders but we need to get the amounts. Sir Please help us an overall mantra for this problems. There is no peace of mind at home.

    Thank you Naran Sir for all your support.

  • avayam anu (2 years)

    Dear Guruji,

    I am planning for IUI this month.

    suggest remedies to get success in it.


  • Rupa Paryani (2 years)

    Sir, you can save my family…Our future is on stake !!!

    I am sorry but i have to give this detailed email so that i can address my problem correctly.

    I reside in Mumbai and am married since 7 years. I have a one year old daughter.

    If i do not get a job in one month i will have to sell my flat !!!! This move will only bring us down as it was our dream to buy a house in Mumbai and if it happens we will only sink and will never be able to come up with this downfall.

    After my college, i worked for a chemical for 13 years and left job in feb 2013 as i was not happy there anymore and also wanted to start family. Now my daughter is one year old and i want to join work. I am struggling from past 10 months but not getting job. I recently joined one company and was sacked in 15 days. My husband is a cameraman and shoots for serials, cricket sports, documentaries etc. He is working in this industry from past 15 years. There has not been a month where he has worked for full 30 days. He is a freelancer and works for other cameraman for their project. He is being paid peanuts and slogs like donkey. He got associated with sports and did world cup match and other 5 matches and was paid well in 2013. But, since April last year he is not getting work in sports also. He is crazily trying to get work in sports but all attempts fail. Also, he has been trying a lot to get independent serials as the main director of photography i.e.Cameraman but he doesnt get any. People who are less talented they get hired.

    As i left my job 2 years we used up all my provident fund money, gratuity money, my entire gold. Nothing is left. We bought a house in Chembur while i was salaried and to pay EMI, run house, support my husbands parents, support my mom also as my brother doesnt work all my money is over.

    Please help me to get a good and stable job urgently. My last drawn salary was 96000 per month and i need a job paying me this much or else i wont be able to pay EMIs, run my house, my inlaws and my moms house. Also, please help that my husband should get work in sports again or any independent show and get the desired name and fame which he truly deserves.

    Sir, i am of that mind that if universe is giving me i would be more than happy to give it back by helping others.

    Please help in securing the future of my daughter. God will only bless u more and more.

    If i have to pay any charges for your consultation, please tell me. I will be happy to do that.

    Also, i look forward to meeting you in the Mumbai workshop. I have already spoken to Varsha Patil. Today i do not have the money to enroll for your workshop but with my full intentions of being a part and get positive changes in my life, universe will give me that money.

    Thank you in advance.

    Best Regards,

  • Harinder Kaur (2 years)

    Respected Sir, This is a long post so I apologize in advance. The things is when I really work hard for something, I get positive results but somehow I don’t get the fruits of my hard work. I dropped a year to give CPMT, got selected in pre exam and got waitlisted in mains. Even then I could have got a medical seat but didn’t get required information at right time, hence I had to settle for simple B.Sc. I did M.Sc. from a reputed University and could have gotten a decent job but opportunities to try were taken away from me. I cleared a public exam fr a govt job along with 2 of my classmates, and they have now been working fr 8 months and I am still waiting for appointment due to carelessness of govt. offices. Its been more than a year now that I am sitting at home, doing household work while being looked upon as a person to be pitied because luck doesn’t favour me. I cleared First part another public exam last year at the same time when my father was in hospital, hence couldn’t prepare much fr second part. Though I used 398, lalitham mantras and Ambika Mantra, I couldn’t succeed. I had to succumb to pressure of my parents and started doing B.Ed. but even there I am facing so many problems that I want to leave it. I along with my father had an accident last year and later he had an heart attack. Now both of my parents don’t keep very good health and I can’t abandon them to go somewhere else to live my dreams. All this is causing resentment and depression in my mind. “Why Me?”- always comes in my mind. I used to be proud of being a good hearted person but now I am jealous of all my friends, I resent my parents (which I shouldn’t do I know but I am helpless), I am depressed and totally hopeless. Kindly help me Sir, It has taken a lot of courage to write my sob story here.

  • Dave Gray (2 years)

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    sincere and truthful we are not kid, this is about saving lives of others. Fraudulent is

    not accepted please.

    Best Regards.

  • Indi (2 years)

    Dear Naran Sir,

    Why your not giving any attention for any of our issues mentioned here. I even sent an email asking solution for my critical issues. No reply for that also. We are seeking your help with lot of hopes that you will help us with your knowledge. You used to provide a great service for us in past few years but why now your not responding to our issues at all?

    Please respond for our issues sir.With lot of hopes we are posting our isses here.

    Thank you.

  • ramya suryanarayanan (2 years)

    Namaskaram Sir,

    I had posted earlier also. Am from mumbai and looking for a solution to end my financial liablities. I personally am facing always financial crisis and not able to end my loans as a result of which keep adding.
    Need ur help nd blessings to put an end to same.

    My date of birth is 04 April 1979
    Name Ramya Suryanarayanan

    • ramya suryanarayanan (2 years)

      Hoping to hear from you and solution for my financial problems.

      ramya s

    • ramya suryanarayanan (2 years)

      Namaskaram Sir,

      I had posted earlier also. Am from mumbai and looking for a solution to end my financial liablities. I personally am facing always financial crisis and not able to end my loans as a result of which keep adding.
      Need ur help nd blessings to put an end to same.

      My date of birth is 04 April 1979
      Name Ramya Suryanarayanan

  • sf (2 years)

    Hi Admin,

    I have put few querries from Nov 2014 to – Feb 2015 . I used to copy the url as comment number will come after submission and check after few days with same url.

    Later time if I use the same url or type the comment or words in comment I have asked for or use name , I never got the comment page I have submitted or answer to that question.

    Tried in many ways in different blog urls ..reach naran, help each other etc.

    Can you please let me know, once submitted, how can we look for the answer given after few days ? or later any time ? how should we search for our question ?

    bcoz of so many comments daily, we really not able to get to the page of our comments.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Resshmi Chatterjee (2 years)

    Dear Sir,

    kindly suggest me suitable switch word for love marriage . because lover’s parents does not want him to marry me. but we want to marry each other with there blessings . pls help me to get their blessings for marriage.

    Thank you sir

  • m.sangeetha (2 years)

    Guruji Namaste!!
    I offen have attack of whising
    Severely ,right from my teenage and I couldn’t do any thing, Very hard to breath

    What is the thing I have to release, which thing I am holding, i am not able to recognize it,
    I want to get rid of this permanently
    Pls guide me Guruji

    I am very very thankful & grateful to God for having u as my guru!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jyothi (2 years)

    Namaste sir. My name is jyothi, we completed twelve years of marriage but we have no kids as now my medical reports show that I have low anti mullerian hormone and right side tube damaged for that matter my husband daily scolds me with bad words and also beats me and he his going to get second marriage but I love him a lot and I don’t want to get separated from him. Sir. Please suggest me a remedy to chant so that my husband comes back to me and look after me with love and affection and also I get conceived

  • jeshta (2 years)

    naran sir I belong to poor family I am the only daughter I want to get a government job and keep my mom and dad happy please help me by suggesting switch words to get a government job I am a diploma holder I wan to continue my studies through distance education please help me with the essential remedies thanking you in anticipation

  • Indi (2 years)

    Dear Narayan SIr,

    I have been suffering from debts since 2010 because I lend money to one of close person when he was in trouble but he failed to pay as he promisebd. Now im my age is 31 and no progress in my life due to this debt because im spending my total salary for debt intrest. My MBA also stopped due to no money. I want to stop this financial problem immediately and go ahead with my life as i planned. To end this crizes I WANT TO WIN A LOTTERY IMMEDIATELY WHICH CAN GIVE A HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY TO SETTLE MY LIFE , LIKE 4 COROS. I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN IMMEDIATELY.

    Please suggest a bach flower or switch word remedy which will result immediately. please help sir.

    Thank you.

    • Divakar (2 years)

      @ INDI


      Chant the below switch words for getting required amount of money in short time.


  • rk (2 years)

    Respected sir,
    I had contacted you before for marriage….you asked me to chant CHANGE BE TOGETHER DIVINE LOVE….my boyfriend who left me before has come back.. (he left me as he didnt want to accept my child…i am a divorcee with a son)…3 days back he begged me for forgiveness and said he will support me and cant live without me and wants to marry problem is sir hes very unpredictable in behaviour…sometimes disappears for a day and then all of a sudden will appear and very egoistic and dominating….please help…..i cant handle his unpredictability ….is there a solution for this behaviour.i want a happy marriage sir And a loving man.

  • V S Murthy (2 years)

    My daughter likes a boy who worked with her in her previous job. Though the Boy’s family is ready, there is some reluctance from my parents as well as my in-laws as the boy’s horoscope is having a no. of doshas for which he has claimed to have performed various pariharas. Kindly advise some remedy.



  • lr (2 years)

    i have started business at. home (selling dress). but no buainess as much. my husband says me as a auseless. also for each and everythong i have tp ask money. if he feels ok then he will give me or else he will say no and if i ask him again he will say go get from your parents. he hearts me a lot and iam not able to do anything on my wish as he says iam not earning so do what i say being a useless. so i started the business so that i can meet my monthly expense and my children need without asking him. it is very difficult to lead a life without money and doing everything as he tells. he never hear my words as iam worthless.he listen to his brothers and wife . now i want to earn and get sucess in this business. actually you have sugested me to chant whitechestnut sweetchestnut gentian hornbeam count now continue. i dont feel any improvement. help to chant something so that i get sucess in this busoness also my husband supportive behavior. iam a middleclass and money is needed.

  • ss (2 years)

    hello sir
    need SW to get job for my husband,also guide what to do if want job abroad and seatel husband is jobless we hve 1year old son.pls help

  • megha (2 years)

    can you provide any switch word so that my husband can get a job abroad and we can settle down there. we are both science graduates and are working so hard but struggling to meet finances. i would like to settle abroad and get a good life. please guide guruji

  • Shuchi (2 years)

    Respected Naran Sir,

    I have a small stye since last 4 years in my lower eye lid. I read in the archives the success story of following mantra and SW POINT.

    Lalitham Lamboodaram
    Lalitham Bhaskaram
    Lalitham Balchandram

    So I have been chanting them daily. But may be because its an old stye, it may take longer time for it to heal.
    Is there anything else I could do to accelerate the process of healing?
    The stye has now started affecting my eye sight too now and I don’t want to go for a surgery to remove it.

    Kindly help.
    Looking for your divine blessings and guidance.

  • kiran (2 years)

    my daughter -7 years old is suffering from leukemia (acute lymphoblastic). plzzzzzzz let me know if I can chant any mantra for her fast recovery.

  • Dolly (2 years)

    Dear Naran,

    I am part of a dysfunctional family where my father doesnot not trust and respect mother and drinks heavily and my mother is very negative about everything,

    Now I am past marriagable age and I love a guy of different caste and younger than me, also works in the same place at a much lower position than me. My parents are anguished over what people will say and I remain always in a state of tension and thinking what to do? My father is killing himself over it and I had to agree to get married to same caste guy but I love that boy, he s very good. I do not want to cause them more pain but also do not want to live an unfulfilled life like my mother. Please help me and my family.


    • Gurinder (2 years)


      My husband left me 21 months ago & I have done everything to try to bring him back.
      He is a heavy drinker & his parents are not assisting me much. I would appreciate it if you could help me. We have been married for 26 years.

      Heavy hearted I was relieved to find your website after seeing so many healers,
      other people here in Canada.

      Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question.

      Happy New Year to you.


  • Sai (2 years)

    Please suggest Mantra and Switchwords which can be chanted to relocate to Bangalore from USA

  • Rama Rao (2 years)

    Naran Sir,

    My sister-in-law’s is to much worried about her son, he is 14 years and he is creating lot of problem

    Not going to school reguraly
    Roaming with friends
    Back answering to parents
    Not listening to elders
    Bad habits like smoking, abusing friends

    Pls. help how to make this boy obedient.

    Thank you for your generous help.

  • mou (2 years)

    good evening sir

    your site is very helpful..

    I want a solution for my son…he is not getting admission in any good school.he goes for his admission test..but he doesn’t qualify in any school..we are very concerned about him..please sir please help us..

    another problem is how can we make his speech clear

    with lots of thanks

    • Hiren Khatri (2 years)

      Respected Naran Sir,

      Good Morning!!
      In September 2014, my Child Poojan – 5 Yr old, has been diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma (Bone Cancer), in his right hand.
      He has undergone 4 Chemo Cycles.

      On 23rd Dec, Doctor has done major surgery on right hand and removed cancerous bone completely out & Transplanted Right Leg bone in his right hand.
      His reports were also Ok and normal ( MRI, PET CT Scan).

      However, I do not want Cancer to re-occure to my child. ( I am worrying about this that it should not re-occure).
      When I ask to Doctors about complete 100% cure, they do not reply to me properly. ( They say our fingers are crossed)

      Can you kindly give most suitable SW or Mantra so this Bone cancer is permanently and perfectly cured for my Son??
      I have gone through your blog and found SW – Concede Clear Centre Cancel Old Undead Cells Find New healthy Cells. ( I have added Healthy).

      However, I will take your help and suggested SW or mantra which is most suitable for my child and do it honestly.

      Can you also kindly suggest me Suitable CD name to listen to remove this Cancer from my Son and Our family’s life permanently.

  • sonam (2 years)

    hi sir good morning

    i got job working in internship since 6 months as per the commitment they told they will confirm my job after 3 months and increase my salary but they are not confirming it and not increasing the salary

    sir please help me with switch word

  • WORSHIP (2 years)








  • sonam (2 years)

    sir l love a person now we are breakup but unable to forget him plz help me with switch word to forget him

  • rr (2 years)

    Hi naran sir
    I am seeking u r divine help my life is become very bad I don’t have anyone to help me I feel like dieing.finally I found u r blog please help me.I am married and have 4yr old son my husband is having affair with another girl from 3years inspite of saying she’s not listening she’s also married.I want that lady to resign her job and go and stay with her husband in pune.please tell switchwords for her to resign job she’s must be jobless make her to quit her me.

  • Padmaja (2 years)

    R/Sir ….I am practicing reiki with II level symbols .I am not able to visualise anybody in white light while beginning reiki.The only light I see is Violet and purple.Not able to see any other light even while sending reiki to different chakras.Is it something to bother and what must I understand from this and does it need to be rectified.How? Also Thanks for your blog and switch words.They are very helpful.

  • lean (2 years)

    Hi Naran. I boight abundance cd and it has open opportunities for me. Also bought the power symbol, do you have a transcript for that. I recently bought the 3rd eye opener, how do i use it? How can it help me? I am looking for a solution of having a high earning buss so I can pay off all my dues especially my home loan,, and the money i borrowed from my friend. Hope to hear from you.

  • luv (2 years)

    Hi .my problm is my best frnd hs some misundrstanding n he left me n block me fb n whtsapp ..i m sooo tensed plz help me sumthng tht he check my msgs n calm down n forgive me

  • priya (2 years)

    Dear Sir,

    One of my neighbor is troubling us lot and involving in our things unnecessarily. There is no peace in my place.Will you please help me .

  • PMP (2 years)


    I have vericose vains and knee pain on both for which I am taking homeo medicine. Also I have spondylitis and pain on the left hand shoulder and also left back side of the neck. Is there any relationship for this pain with the mind. Please suggest me a remedy.

  • Anindita Choudhury (2 years)

    Dear Sir,

    I am 45, female, suffering from multiple sclerosis. I have the following symptoms of disease which doctors are unable to heal since 2010.

    1. Foggy brain. Chronic Fatigue.
    2. No appetite, chronic constipation, bloating, gas and tightness in the midriff and stomach on food/water ingestion and inflammation round my mouth.
    3. Weakness, shakiness or stiffness in the body, weak, painful legs, limping gait, jerky movement, limb coordination problem (minor), fatigue all the time, fluctuating vision.
    4. Severe depression and desire for suicide due to this illness.

    I request you to suggest switchword/s for me, please.
    I am suffering a lot:(

    Thanks and regards,

  • trm (2 years)

    Hello sir and thank you once again for your help. I recently met someone and have already broke it off with them. I feel like I can never love anyone because of my temper and self sabotage. I really like this guy but am acting insecure and mean for no reason. the closer he gets the worse I become. My ex really hurt me but I wish to reunite with the new guy and have a more controlling attitude or better yet none at all

    • Naran (2 years)

      take the flower remedies scleranthus rescue remedy

  • tanya (3 years)

    Dear sir. Something went wrong and my two dear friends are nt talking to me. Plz suggest me some remedy so that they come back to me. And everything becomes like before. I really need them in my life. They r my good friends. Thankyou

    • Naran (2 years)

      do the forgiving Thanking exercise for them.

  • KUSHI (3 years)

    namasthey sir,

    thank u so much for your reply sir.please accept my humble salutations to you sir.

    sir,i have been married for 11 years n have 2 kids.v have changed 6 houses during this period.whichever house v go,the owners will be creating many problems.i am fedup doing shifting process,having 2 small husband has low backpain from 6 yrs and hence he cant help me either.i am not peaceful at all sir.

    kindly help me with sw to chant,to buy a own house reasonably.

    • Naran (2 years)

      download the symbol 48 from the site and keep it under the pillow. Paste one more copy in west corner of the house

  • vishnu (3 years)

    Hello sir

    Recently myself and my dad had a very big fight. He is completly annoyed with me as i spoke back and made me to leave the house. Though i apologised he is not ready to forgive me. Kindly give a remedy so that i get back my father’s love and affection like before.So, that everything gets normal at house.

    • Naran (2 years)


  • poornimaa (3 years)

    Sir we are residing in an area in Secunderabad which is connected to city by defence area. There are so many colonies surrounded to this defence colony,to reach the city, our work places,we have to travel thru this area,recently a new army head has given order that civilians should not b permitted to travel, imposed restrictions that from Jan 15th, they will close,and if they restrict this route,we have to travel very longer route which is double the journey,not only our family but thousands of people residing will be effected, please help

    • Naran (3 years)

      call wolf and pray not to close this route

  • bd (3 years)

    respected naran sir
    with respect i am regretted to inform you that in spite of repeated requests to suggest sw and remedies for my father’s healing,no reply is received from you.even i have also sent mail to shobana madam to give me an appointment to talk with you over telephone but no response from her till date.since i am a regular reader of your site and have strong faith upon your advice i always need your spiritual suggestion.
    hope,you will reply for this. now i am mentioning the problem again for your reference.that my father is facing difficulty to walk as his lower limbs are trembling and body is not balancing due to weakness of nerves and old swremedy as you deem appropriate.

    • Naran (3 years)

      I don’t talk to anyone over phone.
      chant om am namaha. give rockrose and cherryplum

  • RS (3 years)

    Pranam Sir,
    My son will be 20 this Feb 2015. He is actually very sweet and good son but very… short tempered. Please advise some remedies.

    • Naran (3 years)

      Rs, chant holly cherryplum impatiens over a glass of water and give him.

  • Anju Mahendru Singh (3 years)

    Respected Sir,
    Thank you very much. I will do as suggested and report back after a few days. In the meantime I have seen the Beej Matras given by you and did that yesterday for hundred times with all faith and sincerity. Yesternight I talked with hubby and it felt very nice. He told me that he considers me very nice only he gets upset with my anger and immediate reaction.
    I am reciting the mantras in the order:
    Om Hum Namaha
    Om Yum Namaha
    Om Rum Namaha
    Om Vum Namaha
    Om Lum Namaha
    Is this the correct order?Plz suggest as I have seen the reverse order also in your blog.

    Also, would you plz suggest if i need to do additional chanting to correct my anger and over reactive nature. I am an oversensitive person and so the flower remedies also may suit me.
    I am interested to purchase some CDs for me and my mom’s family. For that i will be in touch with Ms Shobana.
    Thanks very much for your help and blessings.
    With regards,

    • Naran (3 years)

      continue in the same order

  • suchi (3 years)

    My marriage had been delayed and I am not getting good marriage proposals. Can u suggest some remedy so that I can get a good life partner and get married soon.

    • Naran (3 years)

      chant sweetchestnut walnut oak hornbeam

  • Naran (3 years)

    do not see others. if one has to be spiritual one has to fight and win over the carnal instincts.
    Release all the distractions at the feet of the lord for transformation.
    Every day,say, “I am divine” and do things accordingly. One has to be vigilant always.

    Be awake, be on guard, be sincere in the efforts.

    The constant rememberance of the divine is indispensible for transformation.

    The whole of our life should be offered as a prayer to the divine.
    There is no short cut to attain one pointed devotion to god

    Onn the whole the discussions are always pretty futile and
    seem to me to be a waste of time. You seem to be asking the same question in different formats.

  • sss (3 years)

    I have a brother who is arogant since his marriage.from him we are very pained.even my father is aged cries due to this.we suspect his wife side are responsible for this.he has strong grudge against me and my wife for no reason.plz plz send me solution sir.thank you

    • Naran (3 years)

      chant waterviolet willow holly hornbeam

  • ajita ma (3 years)

    Sir ,recently my project has been proposed to be changed to another management. I am in current project and established well for 6 months and current superivisor gives me more flexiblity.i want to remaun in under the same supervisor and does not want to change as the new supervisor is demandg to stay late and work not to take work frm home option tell me swutch words qhich will help me be wirh current supervisor…benefit to others if i stay under current boss i can take care well of my kid.. can be supportive to my husband can work without disturbing my old age parents to ask them often to come to my hme to help me. Can continue to have harmoney in house… pls help sir… i want to continue under current boss for some yrs.i has posted earlier sir but didnt get any reply frm u.. pls help sirReply

    • Naran (3 years)

      ahitha ma

  • prabhu (3 years)

    Hi naranji, i want to searching the 2 years lease house. Is the any remedies please suggest me.

    • Naran (3 years)


  • Siva Durga Bhavani (3 years)

    Sir, I am Durgabhavani. After 9 year of our married life i gave birth of my child. (through IVF). his name is SRI SAI KOUSHIK. he born as premature baby on 06.04.2014 from the birth he has so many health issues. he has hole in heart. i am very much scarring. please help me sir…

    • Naran (3 years)

      siva durga bhavani
      chant redchestnut together divine order

  • prasankalyan (3 years)

    Reposting Dear Naranji

    I joined a company as trainee and spent almost 14 years in its IT division. I feel stuck in my current job. I want to move to a new higher profile management job based on my exp. pl help to know my SW Naran sir.

    • Naran (3 years)


  • Urvashi (3 years)

    Dear Sir,

    I am looking for direction and guidance. I am living in Abu Dhabi with my husband, we have moved here due to work. We both hold jobs here.

    I do not feel content and have a feeling of not belonging in this place. Specially, having faced racism. I do try staying detached but find it difficult.

    Also, I feel that I am not able to progress on my spiritual & life path.

    Request your guidance.

    Thanks & best regards,


    • Naran (3 years)

      CHANT WALNUT WILD OAT divine order.

  • divyambika (3 years)

    Namaste sir,

    I do work for a Mnc company where I’m serving my notice period as I have got job in another company I have to move on, as my joining still is 27th of october I haven’t got the confirmation for reliving yet from my current co & daily one or the other reasons they’re giving me as I have to get relieved this week & report to the new company by Monday. Please help me out by this situation.

    Thanks and regards

    • Naran (3 years)

      Thank the one who is supposed to give the relieving order

  • preethi.n (3 years)

    Sir first of all thanks a lot for suggesting me so many things last time n all sir.but now the problem s my dad s an heart patient sir he had ununderwent angioblast sir so he should not drink sir but bcz of one of his frnds named pandurangan , varadha he s drinking sir ..papa my mom s worried a lot sir . so sir plz suggest something which I should chant sir do that my dad should not mingle with them sir plzsir in anyways my dad should not join with those two people sir plz sir tell something sir at home we r all worried sir but I with the trust on u I am writing to u sir plz help sir.

    • Naran (3 years)


  • Anju Mahendru Singh (3 years)

    Respected Sir,
    My husband and I are both scientists. We have been married for 13 years. Forthe first eight and a half years my husband was posted in kashmir and then uttarakhan. For the last four and a half years we are togther. We have one eleven year old daughter. i feel my husband is rather unemotional and that iam oversensitive. And he feels that i am neither a good person nor a good wife. Our communication is very poor. The moment we start talking he becomes critical about me and I loose my temper. Can you please suggest me a remedy (mantra or any other) so that this situation can improve. I am trying hard not to go into depression.
    Thank you
    With Regards

    • Naran (3 years)

      write daily WATERVIOLET BEECH CHERRYPLUM for 21 times.

  • preethi.n (3 years)

    Naran sir preethi here, sir plz suggest some chant or switch words for hormonal imbalance problem sir …plz sir due to that i am facing more problemsproblems sir …suggest some thing so that my hormones get balanced sir plz sir

    • Naran (3 years)


  • karthik (3 years)

    respected guruji, past 10 years my family members are not happy. i consult one black magic expert told ” your sister in n law did the black magic your entire family and your house not subhiksham and you will not have good job etc..,” what is the remedy for recover from black magic.

    please give a solution is asap.

    • Naran (3 years)

      chant OM YAHA RAHA LAHA THYAJA DHOORATHA SWAHA 108 times over a glass of water, drink it and spray also in the house.
      Do this daily

  • prabhu (3 years)

    sir,i applied for singapore job . i want the job employment pass visa. please give the SW for me sir.

    • Naran (3 years)

      pray to wolf daily

  • rubina Jaitly (3 years)

    We started construction of our house one and half year ago.from the day we started that house ,we never lived in peace,unnecessary journeys,every trade person took advantage of our faith and politeness.took more payment but left the work uncompleted.if we hire another person to complete,they take more money and also makes impression that may be we have not paid.only one week work is remaining but we are requesting trade people for more than two month.they promise us but not coming.
    Too much stress in family and financial feels everybody takes advantage of us.
    Guide me I can spray Bach remedies,can chant

    • Naran (3 years)

      write Om praam preem proum Sah Senaye Namaha

  • Smita Gupta (3 years)

    Hello Sir,
    My son is a fussy eater.He dont like eating vegetables.He is very thin and
    Umderweight.Can you please help me so that he start eating everything without any problem.

    • Naran (3 years)


  • neelu (3 years)

    I need your help, my husband is falling for some other lady,she is always with my husband in his office and also she is interfering in most of our family matters
    and because there is lot of disturbance between me and my husband.
    he does not listen to me at all,
    please give me some suggestions and remedy ..that he comes back to me and listen to me
    i am solo very much disturbed because of all this,he ignores me a lot ,sometimes he says he will divorce me
    i m sooo worried and disturbed,we don’t have a normal life.
    Please suggest me,i kindly request you,i have heard a lot about ur miracles,
    Please do a miracle, so that my husband comes back to me

    • Naran (3 years)


  • Varsha (3 years)

    Dear Sir,
    is there any flower remedy, switchword or mantra helpful for farmer to be used against flies, insects or epidemic on crops, and also to increase good, insect free and disease free growth of crops and vegetables in farm.

    thank you.

    • Naran (3 years)

      chant wildrose crab apple

  • Depressed mom (3 years)

    Pranams guru ji
    My daughters very disobedient.despite telling repeatedly doesn’t care too listen.back answering and totally not concentrating in studies.
    Please help
    Appreciate .

    • Naran (3 years)

      Depressed mom
      give her flower remedies, willow impatiens, chicoy vine cherryplum

  • Ms. Neeraj (3 years)

    Dear Sir
    I was thinking to write you since long. I think only you could suggest me a way out. I am in a strange family situation. My parents have a failed relationship. They are living in same house but separately even separate kitchen.I am with my father & grandmother and my other two siblings with my mother. My mother and siblings do not talk to us. Last year I got engaged and told my fiance a little of our family situation. My mother and siblings never met my fiance’s family.However this year in June my relationship breaks entirely due to my family situation as my mother didnt received their phone. I was hoping that my fiance will understand and also make his family understand, but he even go with his family. I still tried to contact him but he is not interested. I want to get rid of his thoughts but it is not working. I don’t know why I am still waiting for him. Please Suggest a way out. Also suggest how to vanish heart differences so that our family go united. I am 33 and want to get married soon. Kindly help.

    thanks and regards

    • Naran (3 years)

      take the flower remedies CHICORY WHITECHESTNUT WALNUT HORNBEAM
      CHANT lift kind divine now

  • Tartan (3 years)

    Hello, sir!

    Please, suggest something for getting rid of negative thoughts. Ocasionally, some negative violent thoughts and feelings come and I feel like I am obsessed with all this negativity. My mind become obsessed with one very cruel historical event and I get afraid that I will be tortured/killed in a very violent manner by people, who did bad things during the event. I even imagine I am present at that event and I am victim. AND HONESTLY I myself have unbelievably cruel and agressive thoughts sometimes. It is not like this all the time, but even when it happens not so often, it is still pretty disconcerting. I don’t understand why such terrific thoughts appear…

    Please, help me. I want to put an end to all those terrible thoughts. And alas I am not able to meet you in person, because I am in the USA (not a citizen of USA, though, just a student) and I am not the citizen of India. So, I hope you will guide me online. Thank you very much.

    • Naran (3 years)

      To know how to take, visit the methods page

  • hhr (3 years)

    respected sir,
    i am from BANGALORE.i have 4 brothers.we had purchased a single plot by dividing it into 5 parts by 5 different registration papers in 5 names.(including mine).now the plot is a single house.i requested my brothers to vacate the place which belongs to mine.because i needed i had done marriage of my two brothers abused me verbally,tourchered like any thing.then i went to lower court they some how made case dismissed.i was hurt a i have gone to high court.its in double bench sir please help me so that justice is in my favour.
    now my health is also upset by had gone near to paralysis due to high bp by gods grace i was please please suggest me some solution as soon as possible sir.i am ready to do what you suggest.i am 70 year old.i lost my wife too.sir please suggest me some remedy.thank you

    • Naran (3 years)

      PUT 5 PILLS of each in half liter water bottle. shake it well. Take that water in small quantity every two hours for a month.

  • shilpa s (3 years)

    dear Sir,

    my daughter is down with hand foot and mouth disease. the blisters are spreading … dr. says it needs 7-10 days for cure… as she has blisters in her mouth she is not able to swallow any thing… please through some light sir.. pls..

    • Naran (3 years)

      CHANT agrimony thanks divine order

  • preeti (3 years)

    Dear Sir,

    I accidentally happened to see your site and believe me something was constantly asking me to contact you for help,may be the god I pray.

    I am from north India and from educated family. We are a family of 8 (4 sisters & twin brother). We always lived simple yet peaceful live till 2 years back. Our family never believes in black magic etc but for the past 2 years things have completely changed.My twin brothers in spite of being TOPPERS every time in every grade in their school got very low scoring in 12th & took a drop for another year (My father didn’t have money for payment seat). After taking drop for a year they got admitted but not in good colleges.My youngest sister (28 years) in-spite of well qualified and good job is unable to get marriage proposal.she is very beautiful too but nothing is working out. we all have been trying for her marriage for the last 3 years but nothing is working. I am eldest married for 7.5 years and issue less in-spite of undergoing IUI & IVF treatments.
    My younger sister is also married for 4 years but still unable to conceive. This all have taken a great toll on my mothers health and she is been sick continuously in spite of treatment,yoga etc. We have done lot of puja but nothing is working one is able to find reasons for our suffering,may be karma or black magic.My parents have always lived simple yet contended life but now everything is Topsy turned. My father believes a lot in god/mantra but none of this is coming to his rescue now.
    Excuse me for such long mail but I really felt like pouring out to you. I am sure some diving intervention is required,could u help us.
    we sisters ( 3) have gone for love marriage and my mothers dream is to get at least youngest sister to get married in our cast.Please advice us.
    My younger sister (3rd one) is unable to conceive.Please advice.

    A person in dire need.

    will be eagerly waiting for your advice/help.

    • Naran (3 years)


  • pooja (3 years)

    Hi Naranji,

    My pranams to you. I am having a strong resistance to start working again. I don’t feel like going and meeting people and working with them . I feel that I will not be able to do the things I want to do like spending time with my kids if I start working again. I don’t feel attracted to money too. What should I chant if I have to come out of this.

    Thanks a lot for the service you are doing to people.

    Best Regards,

    • Naran (3 years)

      take the flower remedies WALNUT WILDROSE HORNBEAM

  • Naina (3 years)

    Following ur advice on preparing and chanting a round chart of nos 124857 124875 for profits in stock market, there is a complete upswing now.Thank you. However, 2 days later after I make profits, I seem to lose it all. Been chanting Release resistance find count divine too. Please guide further.

    • Naran (3 years)

      at that time, when you start losing after making profit, chant gentian oak scleranthus change divine order count now

  • bd (3 years)

    dear naranji,
    namaste.suggest mudra with mantra to eliminate fearfulness about disease from mind.

    • Naran (3 years)


  • surbhi (3 years)

    Hi guruji,
    I am writing this message to you with lots of hope and prayers.

    Guruji , I am in a relationship with a boy from past 9yrs. But we are facing multiple problems in our marriage. My family is against us because the boy is from different caste and his family is against us because i am manglik and he is not.
    we both love each other a lot and want to get married. Now both of the families have started looking out for marriages. Kindly help me so that we can get married. Looking forward for a reply. Please help

    Thanks in advance. And may god bless you with all happiness as you are helping everyone so much


    • Naran (3 years)

      Dont come in two names.

  • Senee Forest-Canada (3 years)

    Hi, ive been reading this blog and im excited to try some of these methods. My issue is that My Boyfriend always wants space. I feel that he is a child sometimes. I would like to marry but he has many confusions about it. He is also addicted to alcohol. I love him very much because we connect when it comes to books and matters of the mind. i want him to respect me and marry me while quiting the alcohol and being more passionate. if this does not work then i will be ready to move on to someone else,

    • Naran (3 years)

      move away from him.

  • Rajesh Ahuja (3 years)

    Dear Sri Naran,
    I had joined the newspaper of a politician friend in November 2012 and worked there till April 2013. I was given appointment letter only in April 2013 but I have not been paid any salary from November 2012 to April 2013 despite several reminders. Please suggest SWs so that I get the money due to me.

    Please also suggest SWs so that I can get wage board arrears from my previous employer.

    • Naran (3 years)

      CHANT chicory gorse rockwater chestnutbud count now

  • Kate (3 years)

    Pranam Sir,

    My husband has a problem that every time we go out of town he always after a few days gets a very severe stomach upset/loose motions feels weak and sometimes this all is accompanied with slight fever..all in all every time our trip becomes bad.
    Beginning of next month we are planning to go to kerala and thus this request what should we do please?…I also have the travel pack that I purchased in Mumbai when you had a seminar at oriental residency…I was late and could not attend the course but came there and purchased a few books and travel pack/rescue remedy card/together be divine card also.

    Please advice us on any switch words or divine remedies that would keep us both healthy and stomach proper so that we can enjoy our trip please.


    • Naran (3 years)

      two days prior to go to any place give him walnut regularly till he comes back

  • Mrs.P. S. (3 years)

    Pranam Guruji, my son is 14 yrs old and concentrating on studies. He is very careless in all his work. Pl help me.

    • Naran (3 years)

      Give him flower remedies scleranthus walnut wildrose regularly

    • Mrs.P.S. (2 years)

      Thank you very much Guruji.It worked and he is doing good . All your blessings. Thank you very much.

  • Mrs.P. S. (3 years)

    Pranam Sir, Ours is a love marriage of 18 yrs and have a 14 yr old son. My husband is drifted towards social networking. He blocks me on facebook,google,watsup,gmsil,viber….etc.,and entertains his so called classmets( mainly SHEs) in closed groups. Sends/posts jokes for them,sends sms,posts colourful greetings for birthdays…etc secretly and avoids me. When I pointed out that this behaviour is leaving a bad impact on our lives specially our son he doesnt react. He behaves like as if he is born to entertain them. Since of late he is very angry with me because I questioned him and he is not speaking to me since two months. IAM SHATTERED. PL help me.

    • Naran (3 years)

      Mrs. P.s
      do the forgiving exercise.
      write his name in a concentric circle and write in the gap between two circles LEMON DROP

    • Mrs.P.S. (2 years)

      Guruji nothing worked out so far. Infact i caught him red handed twice in Dec 14 n Jan 2015 while secretly chatting with ladies.Infact i caught him redhanded in Feb 15while he was watching dirty videos n forwarding to she friends. Its very painfull. He doesnt care fr me n my son.secretly still chats n makes phone calls to ladies late hours from office . Im shattered pl help me

  • priya (3 years)

    My the elder is in std 10. both CBSE. and is an average student .He is unable to concentrate in his studies. He has become a couch potato. He has scored just 50-60% in his SA1 exams . He is neither able to study till late night (upto 10 :00 hrs)nor able to get up in the morning (wakes up @ 0600 for school). For the last two years there is drastic change in his behaviour also. He seldom practice maths rather he practice by reading it. Kindly help me with a simple home remedy or chants so that he can come up with flying colours and can persue his dream of choosing science stream and is able settled down with sound job.

    • Naran (3 years)


  • Samia (3 years)

    Dear Sir,

    I have been having problems with my significant other. We have gone through a rough phase. We have been fighting and arguing a lot and now he is doubting our relationship. He says he wants to be with me but yet is acting very distant and differently towards me. I understand he is also going through a lot of stress. Can you please suggest any mantras / switchwords or other remedies to help improve and strengthen our relationship and for him to become more loving and sweet like he used to. Thank you sir.

    • Naran (3 years)

      chant together change adjust paint with divine love

  • Preeti (3 years)

    Respected Sir,

    I have been through lot of hardships from my childhood days. In spite of being talented/topper I struggled to get admission in colleges and later for job.Mine was love marriage so faced issues from my in laws till date.Earlier I use to be very strong minded,may be due to my belief in god but now I have given up.I have started questioning my faith and feel that my prayers are useless.I am married for 7.5 years and still issue less & jobless. I have gone for twice IV F treatment but failed (I am 35 now).

    My energy/faith is completely drained out so really request you to help me out. The only blessings in my life is my “dear hubby”. I really love him a lot.He is the reason for me to be alive till date.Earlier people (his relatives) use to find fault with my health system and now people (friends) started doubting him.My mother in law got baby after 8 years of marriage and co-sister (hubby,s periya appa,s Daughter in law) is still issue less (just for your info:). I have poly cystic ovary and his semen count is less but as per medical these are petty issues. All doctors have asked us not to worry at all but now after IV F failure even doctors are wondering. Due to negativity I have started losing friends,people and sleep.I have not slept peacefully for almost 2 years.Nowadays getting panic attack too. I cant see people blaming my hubby.Please help me. I am in dire need.


    • Naran (3 years)

      Develop faith in God. chant WILLOW PINE THANKS DIVINE ORDER

  • trm (3 years)

    Hello Naran and thank you kindly for your help. I am presently going thru some serious legal problems due to my ex. I am set to go to trial on Dec. 1, 2014. I really need to get out of this. I have problems sprouting up all around me after working so hard to clear myself of negativity and change my life. I need help legally and financially. Im also about to lose my home and I have five kids. So going to jail for something I didn’t do is out of the question with this many people depending on me. Please help

    • Naran (3 years)

      CHANT om praam preem prowm saha shanaye namaha daily for 1008 times.

  • KUMAR (3 years)



    • Naran (3 years)

      listen to vallbham back pain cd daily for two times.
      chant CALM BEAR GLORY DIVINE as many times as possible.

  • KUSHI (3 years)

    Hello sir,
    sir previously I had asked sw words to get a govt job sir.sir kindly guide me sir.this job is very important to me my husband is suffering from slip disc,he may quit his job any moment.i have 2 small kids,who r studying in 1st std n nursery.i want my kids to be happy n study in good school.
    please suggest sw words n pls tell how many times to use them.

    thanks n many pranaams to ur holy feet sir,

    • Naran (3 years)


  • mg (3 years)

    i am very concious of my self. I always feel i look dark, fat and ugly. Due to this i have a social phobia. i also look aged. The other day i was with my mother in law and someone asked me if we were sisters. This makes me feel so bad that i do not want to be seen anywhere with her.I do not like to go anywhete or meet anyone because i feel i do not look like the way i did before.Please could you give me a remedy so i can be more confident about myself anf feel less concious sbout my looks. Can i become slim,beautiful and look young.Thanks

    • Naran (3 years)

      tAKE THE FLOWER REMEDIES gentian willow crab apple 4 doses of 3 pills each, daily for three months.

  • s (3 years)

    Thank you for your suggestion. I have started Forgiving him in this. I….forgive you…..please forgive me and release me. He is completely against me. He assembled all the students, faculty and staff and he blamed me in front of all and he told bad about me. Still he is doing the same. He informed to the management bad about me. Every one is against him but they scared about him. He should not create problem to me and others. How to send him out? Please suggest switch word or mantra. He is also telling something about me with the management and other higher officials. I don’t know why he has created this type of environment here.

    • Naran (3 years)


  • sandhya (3 years)

    Namaste Sir,

    I am writing for my son, he is in class 12 has taken humanities stream now he is not
    interested in studies always sleeping, busy with tv, mobile and music, suspended for
    four days from school because his classmate had burst the cracker and he knew it,
    joined coaching class for clat there also he has lost interest. my husband not taking
    to him, lot of tension pl. help to overcome this situation. please help sir.
    Thank you,

    • Naran (3 years)


  • Bhuvi (3 years)

    I’m in 3rd month pregnant and first time mother. I want to use Bach Flower remedies that are mentioned in the given link and also would like to order Bach flower meditation CD.
    My query is I’m already taking allopathy medicines for thyroid and other medicines given by my doctor. Also I’m continuing homeopathy medicines for my autoimmunity disorders consulting Homeopathy doctor. Is it ok to use Bach flower remedies while I’m on other medications? So far by gods grace the scanning shows the foetus is healthy. I’m worried and feared about growing foetus due to my health conditions. I want to bring my child healthy to this world.

    • Naran (3 years)

      LISTEN TO THE CD through speakers (NO HEAD PHONE) daily for 2 times.
      continuously play the ABUNDANCE cd in the house for 6 to 7 hours.

  • geetha (3 years)

    sir i had 3 c sections for my my tummy looks huge n it almost appears like m pregnant.m feeling inferior about my big tummy sir.please advice some switch words sir.n please tell me how many times i must chant them.
    sir please help.

    • Naran (3 years)

      WRITE IN A NOTEBOOK, i accept myself totally for 51 times

  • Sairam (3 years)

    Dear Sir,

    My Sister husband got pain in his left side leg when he went for walk, taken the dog also with him. he was holding the chain and dog was running here and there while controlling the dog he got pain in his left side leg so now he cannot sit and walk properly. Already he went to the doctor and taken some treatment but still pain is there.

    In this case I would like to know the reason for pain in left side leg and what does it indicate? In website I have seen the reason what you have given for right side leg or hand but I have not found any information about the pain in left side leg or hand. so please explain. And kindly suggest him the switch word.

    Thanks & Regards

    • Naran (3 years)

      he is not to repeat the past mistakes. He has to mend his mind and behaviour.

  • rajkumar (3 years)

    dear sir, my friend is working in abroad .he also trying the job for me past three years but till the date got positive result,i didn’t go the abroad.what is the solution get the abroad job.please tell me the solution.still i am not settled job also not married life was fully struggling till the date.i can’t work any company permanent roll.why it is happend.i was working three mnc companies.please suggest the remedy for happy life and satisfaction too.

    • Naran (3 years)

      chant GORSE WALNUT

  • ashok (3 years)

    sir, i am middle aged man. many times i got lazy.please tell me a remedy remove lazyness.i want to be enthusastic person.

    • Naran (3 years)

      Take the flower remedies WILDROSE HORNBEAM ELM

  • m (3 years)

    My 7 year old daughter is very sweet girl and good in academics.She watches TV too much…what can I do….always watching cartoons .And I don’t feel like scolding her always for that.Is there any other way that can help me to guide her.
    Can you suggest something for both of us….for me to have more patience and to become calm and understanding parent.And for my daughter to not to watch too much TV .thank you.

    • Naran (3 years)

      give her regularly SCELRANTHUS, WILDROSE, VERVAIN CHERRYPLUM AND WALNUT – flower remedies

  • arti saraf (3 years)

    Respected Naran sir,

    I came to know about switch words before 4-5 days ago, I am living in USA.My son is 6 years old, he is having cough,cold and wheezing problem ,which specially triggers in winter.
    Could you please tell me mantra for him to cure this problem. At same time he is having lack of concentration also in studies.
    Thanks Arti.

    • Naran (3 years)

      chant ruby pearl OVER A GLASS OF WATER AND GIVE THE CHILD.

  • shanti (3 years)

    Naran sir
    i seek your help to suggest me remedies for two health problems of mine.
    1. At age of 27 only my hairs have started turning grey to such extent that i m having nighmares about it. I am experiencing severe hairfall also.
    2. My monthly cycle is currently only for 2 days light bleeding but no other abnormality.
    I dont understand if these are symptoms of some physical ailment.
    please help.

  • kjs (3 years)

    Dear Sir

    Could you please suggest remedies for over sensitive nature and let go things easily.

    thank you

    • Naran (3 years)


  • ramya (3 years)

    sir, i am married women .my family is joined husband got good salary,but we didn’t build a new house or buy a new house.mother in law and sister in law bring turture me .my husband spend more money their family .i thought my husband under bolck magic by his sister in law.he didn’t ask my suggestions.can you tell the remedy good family life,and we want to buy a new house with low rate.

    • Naran (3 years)


  • ga (3 years)

    Dear sir, pls accept my pranaam in ur lotus feet.

    I hav some questions which r interconnected.

    1. Sometimes in life we r just driven away by emotions and loose our power of differentiation between gud and bad. Emotions get so strong that we stop thinking about our long run welfare. What shud we do in such situations to overpower our emotions?

    2. Suppose I luv someone and want him in my life which i know is not possible and if the person remains in my mind almost all the time what shud i do to get rid of this thought obsession?
    And loving someone to whom we cant get in our life is painful in itself and not at all pleasurable. What shud be done to overcome these unnecessary and painful feelings?

    3. Our feelings and emotions r continuously on change. Is everything including our emotions, under divine control? Or we ourselves r responsible for our emotional immoralities and moral/immoral decisions?

    Pls answer

    • Naran (3 years)

      emotions are in our control. They belong to surface mind. Inside, all of us are pure, silent and motionless.
      when any single emotion obsesses, Just prostrate to the said emotion. say, please let me go beyond you to be in silence.
      when you are disturbed and feeling helpless chant any mantra that can subjugate the feeling. In this instance, you can chant HARI OM.
      or fully feel the emotion and send it above your head to the lotus feet of the divine. visualize your god standing above your head.

  • Aman (3 years)

    Respected Sir,

    With divine blessing, I got in touch with you. I started my new job in march 2014, prior to that i was jobless for 2 years.
    My boss forced me to give exam on dates where I was not fully prepared and failed in last 2 attempts. Now is the last attempt. This exam is not mandatory to give at present but he is forcing me to give…Unnecessary pressure.

    My boss got HR involved and giving me lot of pressure to give last attempt asap. I told him I will give exam on either 28 or 29 October.

    As per your advice i chant “398 reach on” and have also write and place under my pillow.

    I also chant ” Together bring divine word”, i got this from your website to have desire result (passing my exam).

    Also, I am taking Mimulus thrice a day straight on my tongue 3 drops since last few days. But it has not helped me till so far.

    My boss says, If I fail, then he cannot do anything….I don’t want to loose job at all.

    Sir, I gave interview in another company on 10 October; had strong conviction of getting this job as it suits my experience and skills. But unfortunately, I failed interview and got news on 19 October.

    I always get things in life with lot of struggle and pain. Nothing comes straight forward to me.

    I want to smile, live life like i use to but due to unnecessary pressure is bring stress in me.

    Please guide me, help me to pass this exam and get success in my current job or get a new job.

    This is financial exam where result is only “pass or fail”.

    Eagerly waiting for your reply. Thanks Divine and Thanks Sir….

    Aman Kapoor

    • Naran (3 years)

      chant rockrose honeysuckle divine order

  • baku (3 years)

    Hi, i am a student and have really important exams. i try to leran a lot, but i dont think that everything is in my head. Im scared of all the exams , which makes me really sad. these times i feel really depressed and have worries concerning the future. can you help with some numbers?

    • Naran (3 years)

      chant 398

  • Niraj (3 years)

    Greetings Naran ji,

    I am really thankful to you. Your chant words worked for me “CRYSTAL GORSE SQUIRREL COUNT NOW”

    I am going to get some money by next week which is enough to buy a flight ticket and spend atleast 2/3 months.

  • preethi.n (3 years)

    Sir what should I chant for pcod problem sir I should get rid of that sir plz sir and all my pimples n scars should go sir plz sir.

    • Naran (3 years)

      what is your age? for pimple contact the center get the remedies.
      for pcod: chant TINY OPEN CLEAR CYSTS NOW 100 times over a glass of water and drink. do this for two times.

  • somya (3 years)

    Respected Sir,

    My friend brother in law is serious ill in hospital with throat cancer he went to india for a surgery but after the surgery he got infections and his wife bring him back to Mauritius.
    He has then been admitted again. He is in ICU. The Doctors themselves really dont know what to do. He is a muslim and 39yrs. Kindly suggest switch words or remedy for him please please plaese if you can anwer back the soonest. His daughter and wife has loose hope. Please Please help.

    Warmest Regards.

    • Naran (3 years)


  • mrs s (3 years)


    after living for 23 years in a joint family i just want to get out of it because there is no peace of mind and at the age of 46 i am having so many health issues and every body is using me.even though i know that i dont know how to come out of it .so please help me

    • Naran (3 years)

      chant centaury willow pine white chestnut

  • Matangi Ayer (3 years)

    My problem is that I am stucked in my carrer life.i cannot believe That i used to handle my job as well as my family life.but I lost my job after that I could not be the same person.constantly one thought I cannot begin again.i cannot upgrade my education ,I will fail.
    Some days ago one person met me I was talking to him and suddenly he said,”Matangi u r very negative person.even your Aura also makes others negative.” Though u always tell not to talk about horoscope but I need to tell u that my moon position is in 6 th house which makes me feel depress ,lazy all the time but I don’t want to believe because if that is the case then I would not have worked for 24 years with all the stamina and zest for life.

    I want to come out of this situation.i need blessings of flower and your guidance.i want to study,upgrade and secure a good job.need strong will power to do all this.

    Any switch word,mantra or Bach remedy (have all 38 remedies).

    • Naran (3 years)

      matangi iyer

  • Vlade (3 years)

    Hello Naran

    My lady friend is suffering from a severe mental health issue and we have tried all types of treatments but nothing is making a real difference. She has symptoms of Paranoid Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder. her doctor diagnosed her with General Anxiety Disorder, but its probably because she doesn’t want to take medical treatment as she believes it will make her worse.

    She has voices in her head telling her to ‘Kill him’, ‘Kill her’ to anyone and anything … all the time. She resists and tries to overcome them, but they are non-stop.

    She also has severe panic attacks. Anxiety and fears. She has had it for many years. Many times she talks about committing suicide because she has had so much mental suffering. She avoids everyone – even family members and prefers to be alone and struggle with her mind all the time.

    She cannot have a job though she is highly qualified. She has lost many jobs because she was unable to control her hours. Sometimes she cannot get out of bed until 2 PM. She has trouble sleeping too and takes sleeping pills every night. As a result of this she also has no money and its even hard to maintain life. She has lost so much weight in last few years that she is almost left looking like a skeleton.

    She is suffering so much that she is always praying to the picture of her Guru – always pleading him to help her. She grabs his picture in her arms and even sleeps with the picture. She spends most of her time praying, doing kiirtan, talking to God or Guru’s picture or trying to meditate but so far she has not had the peace of mind she is looking for.

    Please help and suggest what can be done to help her heal and lead a normal life. may god bless you.

    Thank you.

    • Naran (3 years)

      chant WHITECHESTNUT HOLLY VINE PINE over a glass of water and give her daily two times.

  • reena (3 years)

    Plz help me.why this always happens to me. This is the third time i am facing a bad relationship. Why the first guy cheated me saying his family wont accept inter caste marriage, he tried to convince but failed to do so. Again the same with d second guy and this time the same pattern follows with the third guy. I truely live him and we got intimate due to which m nt able to move on.he is trying to move on as he is proposing another gal for marriageas she belong to his caste. What should i do now…plz show me the path, i am all finished.

    • Naran (3 years)

      chant walnut chestnutbud thanks divine order

  • s (3 years)

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for your suggestions.
    We are facing problem with one person in my college. He doesn’t listen anybody. What ever we do good things because of his words and actions entire thing is spoiling. He spoils my good image with higher authorities. How to solve this problem. He creates problem every body. He is completely arrogant. Just before I have seen in this website and started chanting thanks divine order. Please suggest switch words

    • Naran (3 years)

      do the forgiving exercise for him.

  • SuShi (3 years)

    Hello Sir,

    I am 28 and I have big surgical scars in shape of reversed ‘T’ on my tummy. since i am a female its visible whenever i am asked to wear a sari. i am not yet married.

    please suggest me something which will reduce the scars visibly.

    Thank you soo much.

    Love & Light


    • Naran (3 years)

      put 5 pills of crab apple in a cup of water and apply regularly. take 2 pills 4 times daily also.

  • mrs sd (3 years)


    is there any angel numbers to do the exams well.suggest some numbers for my son who is doing B.E.i want him to do his post graduation in germany for that he has to score very good marks.please help me

    • Naran (3 years)

      mrs sd
      write 398 in a paper and keep it under his pillow.
      chant Ambika mantra. for details about this mantra search the site.

  • Saras (3 years)

    Sir, I watch too much TV. Especially when I have an important deadline coming up, I seem to avoid doing that and waste time and later regret it. Please help me.

    • Naran (3 years)

      Take flower remedies scleranthus walnut vervain and cherryplum

  • Mamtha (3 years)

    Sir Namaste,

    I am facing several problems after my dad passed away crackers busted on diwalli day on my neck and for 4 months I fractured my right ankel it was 40 days after my new home warming ceremony why all these are happening only for me back to back help me out from this dilemma.

    Please suggest how to gear up my son in his academics he confuses while writing and bit lack of concentration.

    • Naran (3 years)


  • Rani Subhramanian (3 years)

    Pranam Sir, My father is a building contractor, a client of him after finishing the building is denying to settle the amount. It’s almost 2yrs now no written agreement to fight legally also. Kindly give some remedy.

    • Naran (3 years)

      rani subramanian

  • ga (3 years)

    Dear sir, pls accept my pranaam in ur lotus feet.

    There r some relationships which r strictly prohibited in almost every religion such as extramarital or any such type of unethical relationships. Physical involvements r in no way acceptable even mental involvements r unacceptable in scriptures because we commit sins through three mediums from which mind is one, other two r body and speech.

    On the other hand it is said that any indefinable attachment or attachment without any apparent cause with other person is due to past life relations. And due to divine will, we come across with people of our past life to settle down our unsettled accounts/karmas.

    If it is reality then any kind of ethical/unethical relationship shud be acceptable and not be considered as sin.

    Sir do u know what is common link between the two or which one is more authenticated (scriptural saying or general saying)??

    Pls answer
    Thanx & Regards.

    • Naran (3 years)

      anything that debases or takes us away from divine seeking, is unethical. Apart from sin, karma, if one resolves to do those acts which promote love gratitude and kindness then he is doing good. Any act which makes us forget the divine and indulge in carnal pleasures is to be avoided.
      I am not talking about sin or karma.

  • Smita (3 years)

    Dear Naranji

    My daughter is in her boards and has submissions on dec 15 also prelim exams on nov 10. She has a lot of work to be done and is not working at all on it. I am very worried she will not finish her assignments on time and neither is she studying for her prelims. How can I get her to do everything on time. Time is less and lots and lots to do. Pls give me something I can do for her as she will not do or chant anything. I have started to put 398 under her pillow since 3 days.

    Pls help urgent.
    Thanking you

    • Naran (3 years)

      give her flower remedies SCLERANTHUS HORNBEAM ELM CHESTNUTBUD

  • Akshatha (3 years)

    hello Naran Sir,

    My Husband is a alcoholic and smoker. His behavior will be aggressive and screams, beat me up very badly and also man handles and harasses me. He drinks from 14Yrs. We are marry for 4.5 Yrs years now . he will tell he will kill every one when he is drunk. He feels very jealous, hatered feeling for every one. We dont have children yet and for that also he blames me only. Please help me so that he quits his both the addiction, cares and loves me and also respect and care family members and also listen to my words and responds to my feelings.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Naran (3 years)

      Give him the flower remedies CENTAURY HOLLY PINE VINE RESCUE REMEDY WALNUT

  • kalpana (3 years)

    respected naran sir,
    pranama.please suggest sw with bach flower remedy for my old mother to get rid from day time sleepiness as she is always lying on bed avoiding for movement out side complaining that she feels heaviness of her head and weakness of body.

    • Naran (3 years)

      Give her flower remedies CENTAURY OLIVE HORNBEAM

  • Ahas (3 years)

    Dear Naran Ji,

    I know you give generously of your time. Please help me in my humble request.
    My husband has tried for promotion a few times in the past but without success. An opening has emerged once again in his department. Could you please suggest some words or remedy that I could do for him so that he secures this promotion. Thank you in advance.

    • Naran (3 years)

      chant 398 take now

  • preethi.n (3 years)

    Sir , preethi here ..sir placements are going on since I am in final year degree .many companies came but I din select in any of them plz sir I wanna get selected in SAP sir help me out sir …am too disappointed from 1 month sir .iam not able to do well in the 1st round aptitude itself sir ..I have no solution other than crying sir …I read so many miracles from ur suggestions sir plz suggest me also sir.

    • Naran (3 years)

      chant gentian larch wildrose 398

  • Gowith (3 years)

    Thanks for your answer. I am chanting CERATO THANKS DIVINE ORDER. And now my irritation is high at university, particulary because I have to study in a city with lot of pollution and few trees (student smoking) and with lots of lessons…I have physical pain and cold. It is not my path..Will I continue wit the same chant? please

    • Gowith (3 years)

      * students

    • Naran (3 years)

      chant beech willow pine walnut.
      understand that everything in this world is happening as per the mathematical precision of the divine order.
      Nothing to loathe, if one finds divine in nature. When there are less trees, pray to the god of nature and seek her blessings so that you will have more plants around you.
      Daily think about one flower its colour, its fragrance of its petal make-up and send your love to those flowers.
      Thank about the vast sky and see how limited we are in terms of the universe. When you look at the sky, chant BE TINY BOW CONCEDE divine.
      During night, chant VAST SECURITY ABSOLUTE LOVE ETERNAL LIGHT while in bed.

  • Sujata (3 years)

    Hello Naran ji,

    I need help.
    My son is 3yrs old, he is beating and hurting everyone in school his teachers have given the complain, even he keeps on hitting me and any other kids who come home. We tell him it pains, but he doesn’t understand. Don’t know how to make him understand, is there any switch words I can use or some remedy, please tell me.

    Also I lost my job, so feeling depressed and loosing confidence. Please give me some remedy to get good job.


    • Naran (3 years)

      give him the flower remedies VINE HOLLY AND ROCKWATER

  • Vinay (3 years)

    Dear sir,

    I completed my BA degree in 2009, but I had some back papers. I wrote supplemen
    tary exam after that and passed all papers except one paper. I wrote that paper 3 times
    but didn’t pass any manner. Again the supplementary exam is on this month last. But i don’t get concentration and interest to study. Feeling low confidence and no self esteem .I might to pass it by any way. so please suggest Some mantras ,switch words and concentric circle to clear it this time itself. (Due to this I am trapped from getting good job and thus please help me )
    Thank you sir…

    • Naran (3 years)

      Thank all your teachers and parents.

  • Santhosh (3 years)

    Dear Naran,

    My 5 month son, is affected by running nose with blockage from last one month. Along with this, high fever is coming and going. He is vomiting a lot and very frequently.
    Currently, we are giving white chestnut, walnut, crab apple, pine, scleranthus and rescue remedy. But, we are not getting any help from these remedies. Kindly suggest the right combination for him to get complete cure.

    Thank you very much sir,

    • Naran (3 years)

      he can be give ruby pearl and chest tissue salts. This will his immunity and the cold.

  • jyothi (3 years)

    respected sir,
    i am not getting good proposals for marriage, please provide me some remedies or mantras
    thank u

    • Naran (3 years)


  • Chetan (3 years)

    Dear Sir,
    This is chetan, my nephew who is about 12 years old… when he is doing studies or doing anything good like in playing games or doing work at home, people says “hey u r doing well and so on..and got an evils eye on him” and after that he will not do study and he will feel bad physically and his moral down… so naran sir can you please tell me how to recover his problem? please help him out give me the suggestion so i will give it to him.
    Thank you very much..

    • Naran (3 years)

      give him the flower remedy centaury and willow

  • RP (3 years)

    Dear sir,
    My aunt is suffering from liver failure . the doctor has told to do liver transplant …. We dont have enough money to do liver transplant…we hav got stuck in a financial crisis . unable to help for the transplant. can u please suggest some mantra for the treatment of liver failure.

    How should we chant the switch words and mantra? Can u tel me the procedure

    • Naran (3 years)


  • mr. K (3 years)

    sir pranam

    i am doing my 3rd year month semester exams are going to start.with 6papers for this sem and 5 ariers papers i have to write 11papers.This is very crucial time for me and i have to clear all the papers because college wont let me attend ”campus interview training class”.The training class is very important for me.Please suggest me some devine numbers and concentric circle for me to clear all the papers .

    Since i come from middle class family i dont want my parents worry about me..i am very much worried.please help me.

    thank you

    • Naran (3 years)

      since you are coming from middle class family, why did you not focus on studies? Why should you have so much of arrears?

  • Ruta Karnik (3 years)

    Respected Sir,
    Want to give banking exams for further promotions but don’t have confidence that I will pass.
    Kindly give me something to chant to build my confidence.
    I am chanting Beech Willow Pine Change Divine Order for job..

    • Naran (3 years)

      chant LARCH WATERVIOLET for confidence.

  • ASK (3 years)

    Inspite of my efforts my marriage proposals are not getting fixed. Also my job progress is hampered and I am not getting a transfer or new job. Also I seek a sound and stable mind set..

    • Naran (3 years)

      chant walnut oak hornbeam

  • Anonymous (3 years)

    Dear Sir,

    I do not have my job since 5 months and have been facing loads of financial problem.

    One of my friend has offered me a job in Dubai and have been waiting for visa last 3months.. They are been draging it.. Please advice me what should i chant to get the visa and offer letter asap.

    Thanks in Advance

    • Naran (3 years)

      Do the forgiving exercise for all the ones with whom you are angry.
      Thank the parents

  • SARJIT kaur (3 years)

    Dear sir,
    Greetings to u. I want your help urgently. I’m from Singapore and am planning to travel to India with my sister and one of her friend. I want a switch word to chant so that my husband can give me permission to go. At the moment hes not allowing me to follow them. Thank you so much for yr help.

    • Naran (3 years)

      sarjit kaur
      chant centaury walnut

  • senthil (3 years)

    dear guruji, i regsistered my graduation degree in employment office for the giovernment job. still i didn’t get any one interview letter.can you tell me remedy for more interview card letter and also i join the givernment job according my qualification. thank you guruji

    • Naran (3 years)


  • Depressed mom (3 years)

    Dear sir pranams
    My family is 3 bros poisoned my kids so much so my girls hate me call me bitch while I work hard to give them better life.which bros in the world talk ill abt their to her kids.
    They have ruined our life.i beg them not to visit them but they don’t listen .my elder one cut her nerve and has been missing. She warned me she will not come home and that I am evil( I swear I am innocent) my heart breaks,
    How can I make them normal n not hurt or threaten me.afterall I am a mother.i go depressed thinking about their future.please save my children and I want to fill their life with love and make them respectful and obedient.i ask my bros to keep away from kids but they don’t listen instead hurt more.
    Please help me
    V depressed mom

    • Depressed mom (3 years)

      They are v arrogant doesn’t listen,bavk answer ,spend money too much ,yell at the top of their voice,throw tantrums,dirty ,don’t clean up and worst don’t study .this us final year for my elder one and very crucial.please help to bring them under control .

    • Naran (3 years)

      Deprssed mom,
      chant cut shut limit open save divine.

  • jayashree (3 years)

    naran sir,
    pl.suggest simple sw for anxiety and depression .

    • Naran (3 years)

      chant go elate thanks divine

  • m (3 years)

    Cyclon HudHud causes damages in Andra Pradesh ,Orissa .Also heard that there will be heavy rain in 2 days which may cause flooding.Anyrhing we can chant or pray for it so this effects can be reduced.

    • Naran (3 years)


  • sadagopan mahesh (3 years)


    Morning. Yesterday night my wife got a call stating that a young boy went out of his house writing a letter “I won’t go to hindi class and will be back on 2022”. Moreover later it’s found that the boy has left with around 1 lakh of rupees too. Since i had almost gone through all your posts suddenly i remembered few posts related to the same and surprisingly my wife (who usually dislike me going through blogs) also asked whether anything of that sort you found in Mr.Naran’s blog.
    I said yes and since i saved most of the posts immediately picked up the related posts and did the following.

    Wrote the boy’s name ,made a circle with two more around and wrote the flower’s names i chose (Red Chestnut,Mustard,Rock Rose,Chestnut Bud,Sweet Chestnut).

    Then wrote & chanted – FIND SAVE TOGETHER DIVINE – BOY – RETURN – HOME
    Then wrote the flowers names – 21 times in the same paper.
    Then wrote 58 – 21 times.
    Since i bought the pack took all the photo’s of the mentioned flowers ,kept in front and started chanting. Called Wolf too, Prayed to Mother.
    Then chanted Red Chestnut,Mustard,Rock Rose,Chestnut Bud alone
    and Sweet Chestnut + Rock Rose alone as much as possible till i get sleep.
    Kept under the pillow – both paper and flowers while going to sleep, chanted till sleep.

    It seems my wife too chanted for some time at her end.

    Morning i woke up with the same thought whether the boy returned and while coming to office got a message from my wife “BOY FOUND” in trichy.

    I really don’t know whether it’s a coincidence or the efforts had effect , Good thing is boy found and Thank you for all the guidance from the posts. One thing i understood from this is a Sincere Prayer without any expectation is the main key.

    Thank you

    Sadagopan Mahesh.

    • Naran (3 years)

      sadagopan mahesh
      whether it is coincidence or divine intervention, the boy has come and you are happy. Your selfless effort has made you feel elated. That is enough and don’t think beyond that.

      what else you need? You pretty well know that it is not you who did and brought the boy. You are one of the tools utilized by the divine to bring the boy back.

    • Mahesh S (3 years)


      Thanks for your comments. I completely agree that it’s happened purely of divine force and really thanks divine for considering my efforts. I don’t even know whether I had chosen the right switch words / flowers , just followed the post reviews. I really thanks all the switch words / flowers / angel number 58 and the one’s from whose post I had taken tips . I also thank you as you are the main reason for all the above mentioned.

      Last information I got is that the boy reached his home (T.nagar / Madley apts) the next morning.

      Thanks to you and all sir.

      Mahesh (The one who visited you recently on Bike issue Sir – just for reference)

  • ab (3 years)

    sir pranama.plz.suggest sw for instant relief from chest pain due to gas formation in stomach.

    • Naran (3 years)

      be in heart mudra and chant APANA ADJUST NOW

  • shipra (3 years)

    My husband and my green card is stuck in the immigration process for years now while all our friends already have their greencards. Because of this my husband may have to stop working (he might be out of work status soon). We have lost a lot of money recently due to bad health and other unexpected expenses. His career is not going anywhere because of all the health and visa issues. Our family is very stressed and little kids are hurting from the stress and lack of support financial or otherwise(mother stays sick a lot and can’t take care of the kids much ). Please help

    • Naran (3 years)

      CHANT open save give count divine delight now

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